Introducing the New Smithfield Warehouse

GMP Pharmaceuticals recently acquired a new warehouse/distribution centre located in the suburb of Smithfield, a short drive from both the Girraween and Huntingwood sites. The acquisition reflects GMP’s growing business and the need for diverse operating and storage solutions to cope with the increasing demand, particularly from our VIP customers.

The site consists of two separated warehouse buildings (Warehouse A & B) with huge breezeway in between the buildings. Its modern design and user-friendly layout will keep workflow moving efficiently and safely.

In the larger building Warehouse A, GMP will be able to keep up to 6 weeks of safety stock for important and popular ingredients. This means that when a VIP comes to us with a large order, we will be able to transfer the material to both the Girraween and Huntingwood sites production areas with speed and efficiency. Currently we are rearranging the current established racks to configurate to ‘double-deep’ to maximise rack space aiming to have 5,400 pallet spaces. Once upon its completion, we will review the space requirements for future growth and set up more pallets racks which could create an additional 6,500 pallet spaces.

The smaller building Warehouse B will be utilised to store up to 3,800 pallets of finished products. By keeping a store of popular, fast-moving products, this will also enable GMP to supply clients swiftly. GMP will be kept in a state of smooth productivity, keeping our customers happy and satisfied with a finished product without delays.

GMP-owned prime movers and trailers will be on the move consistently, transferring required materials to both Girraween and Huntingwood.