Huntingwood Headquarters Facility Updates

As the Global Headquarters of GMP Pharmaceuticals, Huntingwood site has experienced rapid growth and improvement. Both hardware and software have been upgraded which ultimately allows Huntingwood site manufactures more range of products with improved quality.

To meet the growing needs of the production targets, we have built a new Dry Manufacturing Facility which incorporates a state-of-the-art in-process lab. It allows the physical characteristic of the products to be verified on-line and ensuring that every single tablet produced is meeting the product specification.

A new coating machine installed at Huntingwood site allows GMP to produce bigger batches. In addition, a wet granulation suite provides us with the capability to make a long list of granulated powders and reform them into granules and eventually into tablets and sachets.

Finally, we have recently been granted the license from the US FDA for the Food Facility Registration which enables GMP to produce dietary supplements for the US market. The TGA licence variation has also been updated with to include Tablet Group (effervescent, enteric coated, film coated, modified release), Granules Group and Hard Capsules to our dosage forms.