Research & Development

GMP Pharmaceuticals has research and development laboratories in Australia and New Zealand. At these labs, highly qualified and experienced teams are not only familiar with the latest technical and regulatory issues but they also have a deep understanding of market trends, especially in the rapidly growing and evolving China market. Through our advanced laboratories, we are able to support our clients in all stages of the R&D process including formulations, specifications, testing methods and stability testing reports. These can be used for product registration, listing and product market launches.

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New product development

Our regulatory and technical expertise combined with our deep understanding of market trends, especially in the China market, make us your ideal new product development partner.

Formula optimisation and customisation

Our expert team understand the unique nature of ingredients and how environmental considerations influence the way they interact. This therefore enables us to optimise formulae and methods so that your valued customers always receive the highest quality products.

Sample and trial

The satisfaction and success of our clients is our number one priority. We ensure that our products and service meet your expectations, from sample through to commercial scale production.

Stability testing

We provide our customers with product stability and testing services across a range of internationally recommended storage profiles. Our knowledge of material stability profiles across a wide range of actives is fed back into our formula optimisation, ensuring minimal formulation changes during the product’s life cycle.

In-house chemical & microbiological testing

Our in-house chemical and microbiological testing enables us to uphold our strict quality standards whilst providing cost-effective solutions to our clients.